Copy of Our Story

Copy of Our Story

Kareem and Morgan are a husband and wife duo and serial entrepreneurs. Proud HBCU grads, they met at their college alma maters Spelman and Morehouse Colleges, and married in 2013. Serial entrepreneurs, the couple have done everything from owning night clubs, hosting international trips for millennial travelers to producing music festivals!

The idea of Lift Every Voice and Meme came after a day of hanging out with their friends on the lake. Morgan and Kareem pulled out a meme game they had been gifted to play with their friends. 30 minutes into playing, they had discarded 90% of the meme cards and captions, because they didn’t speak to black culture. Everyone kept saying “Who talks like this?” “This is foolish, gimme another card”. Pretty soon there were no cards left to play, and all everyone kept saying was “this would be dope if there was a ‘black’ version. From there a light went off. Morgan and Kareem spent the next year and a half developing their own meme game made specifically “for the culture, by the culture”. Once they learned the gaming business more, they quickly created their follow up game “Aight, Imma Head Out” which was something they had played for years with friends where someone makes up a wild scenario to see if you will do it or not. They were able to take that loose idea, and create a fun card game that is the perfect party game.

Lift Every Voice and Meme is a family owned business. The couple have a 5 year old daughter named Elle, who takes pride in taping each box that an order goes out in! They also have a newborn named Marley who doesn’t help out much just yet, but reps hard in her “Lift Every Voice and Meme” onesie.

Lift Every Voice & Meme

Bring the best of #BlackTwitter and IG into your home and go at it with your friends to see who can pair the funniest Text Card with the Picture Card each round to make the funniest, most ridiculous meme.  Shop Now



About Us

We are excited to offer a little more excitement to your party, sleepovers or just casual get togethers. Lift Every Voice & Meme is the perfect game to entertain family and friends that’s guaranteed to make you laugh while doing it. We’ve made our own new memes by putting together hilarious pictures and captions that are apart of our everyday lives, to make for a fun and exciting (adult) game night. All you need to enjoy this game is your sense of humor, your squad and the game. So go ahead and click “Buy It” now. By The Culture For The Culture.